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Solar Design and Install

– a one-stop shop at Scholz Electrical Clients at Forest Lake recently engaged us to install a five kilowatt solar unit on their single-storey home. There are several stages to a solar installation. The system first has to be designed to ensure it will work well on the site and meet the household’s energy needs. […]

Are you considering a change to solar for your hot water consumption?

We are fortunate in Queensland with our weather and we are in remarkable position to harness the energy from the sun. Solar hot water heating will save you up to 90% on your current hot water bill which calculates approximately around $350 per annum on an average family consumption with a 305 liter system. With […]

Solar Energy Can Save You Money

The solar powers at Brisbane use on a daily basis has a positive economic result for many citizens. It also produces hot water using an environmentally friendly process.  Sunlight delivers energy to the panels (solar collectors) each day.  The panels are mounted in a sunny location on a sloped roof. If you have a flat roof, […]

Save Money on Your Next Power Bill

If you are like the average Brisbane home owner, you are probably trying to find ways to save on your electric bill.  It seems like no matter how much you try to conserve energy, your electric bill keeps creeping up in price.  It’s getting too expensive just to do basic things around the house.  Conserving […]

Important June 30 deadline for installing your solar unit.

On June 25, 2012 the Newman Government announced changes to the solar industry in Queensland, which included a reduction in the feed-in-tariff rate (the amount you earn for the power your Solar unit feeds back into the electrical grid) from 44cents/kilowatt to 8 cents/kilowatt . Customers had until July 9, 2012 to submit an application […]