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Our crews worked up a sweat installing this five kilowatt solar system on the roof of a two-storey house at Indooroopilly recently.

The 20 individual panels, weighing about 15kg each, had to be passed up extension ladders and then carried across the tin roof. They were then secured in place on the mounting racks we had installed earlier in the day.

Some clients request specific brands for their solar unit but in this case our client asked us to recommend panels and an inverter (the unit that converts the DC power from the panels to the AC power needed to run your household products). They simply wanted a product that would suit their budget and electricity usage.

In this instance we chose to install a Power One inverter and Phono solar panels as they are efficient, quality products and they suited our client’s medium price budget.

Our client’s major motivation in installing a solar system was to reduce her quarterly electricity bill and we are confident this system will achieve her aim.

As we are accredited solar designers and installers, we provide a full design and installation service as part of every solar quote. This means we spend time inspecting the site to determine what size unit will fit the available roof space and the best placement of the panels to give a client the best return on their solar investment.  Spending time with a client to understand their current electricity usage also helps us to pick the right system for them.

In the case of this client at Indooroopilly, the design process was relatively straight forward as the house had a single north-facing roof pitch, large enough to accommodate all panels. Installations like these can usually be completed in a day.

Below are some photos of our crews at work on this Indooroopilly solar installation. Well done team!

Preparing the mounting feet for a solar power install in Indooroopilly The rails and cabling have been fitted ready for the Solar panels Doing the hard yard lifting the Solar panels onto the roof  The final touches a 5 kilowatt solar power install Switchboard labeled and ready for Energex to fit the Solar meter The inverter installed and ready for commissioning

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