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Solar Packages & Pricing Options

Don’t despair if you missed out on the generous 44 cent tariff. With electricity costs forecast to continue rising, solar still makes good economic sense at the current FIT rate of 8 cents per kilowatt. In the majority of domestic situations installing a 3kw – 5kw solar power system should eliminate your electricity bill.

Scholz Electrical is a certified designer and installer of solar power systems so you can trust us to deliver you a quality, efficient system. We offer a range of brands, depending on your budget. All of our systems include the inverter, panels, mounting systems and electrical accessories.

Which Solar System To Pick?

The system that you will require depends a lot on the amount of power your house consumes. This table provides a guide to understand which system will help to minimise your electricity demand.

Daily Usage Recommended System
0-19 kWh
3 Kilowatt System
19-24 kWh
4 Kilowatt System
24+ kWh
5 Kilowatt System

Check Your Daily Usage

Solar System Packages by Panel Type

Trina Solar Panels

3.2 Kilowatt System


8 Trina 415 Watt Panels with IQ7A Microinverters

5 Kilowatt System


12 Trina 415 Watt Panels with IQ7A Microinverters

7 Kilowatt System


17 Trina 415 Watt Panels with IQ7A Microinverters

Trina offers 25 Year Manufacturers & Performance Warranty on Panels

• Easily expanded if your power needs change
• Battery-system ready

Feed-In Tariff

The feed-in tariff (FiT) is a crucial aspect of your solar journey. In simple terms, when your solar system produces more energy than you use, the surplus is sent back to the grid, earning you credits on your bill. These credits are based on the FIT rate, a fixed payment for each excess kilowatt-hour generated.

This tariff isn’t uniform; rates vary. For example, in regional Queensland, the FiT rate has surged from 6.583 cents to 9.3 cents per kilowatt-hour for the 2022-23 financial year. The forthcoming rate is projected at an even higher 12.952 cents per kilowatt-hour.

To benefit from FiT, your solar system must be on a residential or small business property and connected within the National Energy Market. Scholz Solar lets you tap into this incentive, adding value to your solar investment.


To be eligible for a feed-in tariff, your solar PV system needs to be:

  • installed on residential or small business properties
  • linked to the National Energy Market (NEM) grid.

Furthermore, you could receive financial aid through the Australian Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to offset installation expenses for a small-scale solar system.

It’s crucial to note that feed-in credits or payments might influence your Centrelink or other benefit payments, and the Australian Taxation Office might consider them as taxable income.

Additional terms and conditions could also be applicable. For more details on eligibility, adding FiT to your plan, and potential rebate opportunities, reach out at 1300 369 633.

* All installs come with an IQ Board for the communications equipment and professional finish which is generally located next to or behind the main switchboard.
* STC rebate to be discounted from the price at “time of sale” due to fluctuation of the STC credit value.
*Approximate costs only until a site map report and visit are conducted.

We always strive to serve our customers better, so if you have any queries about your electrical or solar needs, or you would like to provide feedback on your recent experience with Scholz Solar, please call us on 1300 369 633 or email us at [email protected] for your written enquiries.