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Solar Benefits

There are many benefits to installing solar power in your home or business.

You’ll Save Money

A quality solar power system tailored to your electricity consumption will significantly reduce – and possibly eliminate – your quarterly power bill. In the majority of domestic situations installing a 3 kilowatt to 5 kilowatt solar system should wipe your electricity bill.

You can Feel Good about Helping the Environment

By using solar power to run your lights and appliances, you are reducing the demand for burning fossil fuels.

You’ll Add Value to Your Home

With so many people embracing solar technology and wanting to get “off the grid”, solar panels are considered a strong selling point in the current real estate market.

Enjoy the liberation of being “off the grid”

A standard solar power system allows you to use solar power when the sun is out and use the electrical grid at night. New Hybrid solar systems allow you to go a step further and use solar power during the day and divert any unused solar power to a battery unit, allowing you to use this ‘stored’ power at night. If the battery is empty, a hybrid system still allows you to connect back to the grid as needed. Advancements in battery technology are making battery technology and hybrid systems more affordable.

Scholz Solar are certified solar designers and installers and are registered with Australia’s Clean Energy Council so you can trust us to deliver you a quality, efficient system.

We offer a range of brands to suit all budgets. All of our systems include the inverter, panels, mounting systems and electrical accessories. And because we are licensed electricians we can connect your system and organise any switchboard modifications that may be required while we are on site. As part of our proposal process, we will visit your home or business and advise you on the best system to match your roof pitch and electricity consumption. While a north facing roof with a 22-25 degree pitch is ideal for solar, we can tailor a system to your circumstances. Contact us today on 1300 369 633 to arrange a site inspection and proposal.