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The future in solar power technology is micro-inverter solar panels and we were pleased to install this new type of rooftop solar for clients at Pullenvale recently.

Standard rooftop solar systems use a single large inverter to convert the power generated by the panels.

This new type of solar system – featuring micro inverter solar panels in QLD – instead has independent inverters attached to every single solar panel.

Micro inverter solar panels are made for a much more efficient solar system.

If one individual panel isn’t producing much power, because it is in shade, for example, it doesn’t affect the overall performance and output of the other panels (as occurs with standard systems that use one larger inverter for all panels).

Micro Inverter PanelThe other bonus with micro-inverter solar panels is the reporting system is cloud-based.

This reporting system produces continual live updates for the consumer and provides a simple overview of how each individual panel, and the system as a whole, is performing.

The reports are downloaded via a WIFI connection box to your home computer system.

Micro-inverter solar panels will cost a little more than the standard system installation, however, the system’s greater performance will out weight the extra initial financial outlay.

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