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Clients at Forest Lake recently engaged us to install a five kilowatt solar unit on their single-storey home.

There are several stages to a solar installation. The system first has to be designed to ensure it will work well on the site and meet the household’s energy needs. The home’s electrical system then often needs to be modified to accommodate the solar panels. The panels are then installed and connected up to the electrical grid.

Most solar firms need to engage an outside electrical firm to carry out the electrical component of an install and make the panels operational, but we are able to take care of every stage of the process for our clients.

Clients tell us that having certified electricians carry out each step of their solar installation gives them peace of mind that the job is being doing safely and meeting all regulations. The other advantage we offer clients is that there are no surprises in their installation cost – we can tell them how much the entire process will cost, inclusive of any electrical modifications.

In the case of our Forest Lake clients, we designed and installed a system using 20 Phono brand 250 watt panels, which were powered by a five kilowatt inverter.

Our crews carried the 20 panels up to the roof and then secured them to racking which had been installed by us when we first arrived on site that morning.

The cabling system was then installed to connect the panels to the inverter (the inverter is a unit that is attached to the side of your house and converts the DC power from the panels to the AC power needed to run your household products).

The client’s switchboard was then modified for solar metering, before the entire system was then connected to the grid.

Our clients are now reaping the rewards of a greatly reduced power bill.

We are proud to be accredited by the Clean Energy Council to design and install solar systems. All of our systems are installed in accordance with Queensland solar and electrical regulations.

Connecting up the Solar Panels Installing the Solar Panels. Carrying 1 of the 20 panel onto the roof.

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