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Solar power is good for the planet, and if you get a system that matches your needs, it will not only save you money in the long-term – it may even make you money.

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Who we are?

Looking for a boutique Brisbane solar power company that is experienced, safe and installs quality rooftop solar systems?

Scholz Solar has been licensed since 2010 as accredited solar power designers and installers with the Clean Energy Council. We have installed over 250 roof top solar power systems throughout Brisbane and south-east Queensland. We are experienced in both domestic and commercial solar fields.


You’ll save money

A quality solar power system tailored to your electricity consumption will significantly reduce – and possibly eliminate – your quarterly power bill. In the majority of domestic situations installing a 3 kilowatt to 5 kilowatt solar system should wipe your electricity bill.

Enjoy the liberation of being

“off the grid”

A standard solar power system allows you to use solar power when the sun is out and use the electrical grid at night. New Hybrid solar systems allow you to go a step further and use solar power during the day and divert any unused solar power to a battery unit, allowing you to use this ‘stored’ power at night.

You can Feel Good about

Helping the Environment

By using solar power to run your lights and appliances, you are reducing the demand for burning fossil fuels.

Which Solar System?

The system that you will require depends a lot on the amount of power your house consumes. This table provides a guide to understand which system will help to minimise your electricity demand.

Daily Usage Recommended System Check your Daily Usage
0-19 kWh 3 Kilowatt System powerbill_mini
19-24 kWh 4 Kilowatt System
24+ kWh 5 Kilowatt System