Solar Solutions

The solar power revolution sweeping the country is exciting – but it can also be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the industry lingo that accompanies it. There’s “photo voltaic”, “feed-in-tariffs”, “bi-directional meters”… and that’s before you even start to wade through the complexity of government rebates.

Here at Scholz Solar, we believe in making it simple. Solar power is good for the planet, and if you get a system that matches your needs, it will not only save you money in the long-term – it may even make you money.

Our solar service is personalised. Unlike some of the big-name solar sellers, wewon’t force particular products on you. Instead, we will explain the technology and your options, visit your home/office to assess the intended site and after an analysis, advise the best option for your budget and power consumption.

We can organise installation of your chosen system, take care of the government rebate paperwork and answer any of your questions along the way.

We are accredited through the Clean Energy Council, are green energy certified and have a range of solar product partners, so you can feel confident about the advice you receive from us.

Call 1300 369 633 and one of our solar solution consultants will lead your through the process.

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